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Things to Know for a Yoga First-Timer

Yoga has become a hype exercise that has managed to get enthusiasts of all classes. Kate Hudson, Justin Timberlake, and, just recently, Robert Downey Jr., have all been reported to find their version of mind-body balance in yoga. Besides, yoga does benefit our body. Many of the moves and poses in the exercise forces the practitioners to activate small muscles that we probably have never thought they have never existed at all.

However, yoga itself may appear alien to people who rely only on their curiosity and enthusiasm to join a yoga class. Here, we have selected some essentials that a first-timer in yoga must remember well and prepare before they do the workout in a studio.

You Can Get Extremely Sweaty

yoga in natureYoga motions may appear effortless and slow, but you are guaranteed to bathe in sweat after a few minutes. Monkey side plank, fallen angel, and killer praying mantis are just three yoga pose examples that require intense muscle contraction and advanced breathing technique.

Therefore, you are going to need a sports outfit that can absorb sweat and is flexible. Wearing leggings with bright colors is also not recommended as it may cause visible sweat stains.

Be Well-Informed from Various Sources

Yoga is on the verge of becoming a health hype that only focuses on the gimmicks. For instance, doing yoga will not cure terminal diseases. You need to go to a doctor and take real medication to heal from an infection. You must get the right mindset when you mingle with yoga practitioners because most of them tend to embrace senseless aspects of New Age philosophy.

Besides, if your sole intention is to exercise and be in shape, you can learn from online videos. Some are free, and some others require payment. For instance, Yoga Burn is a well-known self-taught yoga program that uses videos as its medium. It is well-organized and fluently instructional to first-timers in yoga. You will find it by yourself how the program has helped many autodidact learners to grasp the essence of yoga.

You May Get Injured

sports injuryAlthough yoga is a low-impact exercise, it is full of muscle-stretching moves and bodyweight training. Without careful preparation, yoga will still lead to injuries. Even though learning from complementary sources like videos and online articles is advisable, joining a yoga class is still compulsory. There are details that you will not get from reading blogs and watching videos. Besides, your yoga teacher can prevent you from injuring yourself.