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The Common Types of Dental Braces

Everyone needs to have a smile they are confident with and ensure they stick to proper dental procedures. If you suffer from dental-related issues, make sure you look for Braces Calgary experts to guide and solve your dental problems. These professional orthodontists will formulate a treatment plan that will suit your needs to receive a healthy and happy smile. Before wearing these braces, ensure you know the available types and how they work.

As mentioned above, dental braces are an effective way of attaining the smile you want. In other words, they can solve various dental issues. Before making your choice, make sure you take your time and identify the available types of braces and their benefits. When researching more about these braces, ensure you understand how each works and know if they have any side effects. Here are the types of braces you need to know.

Metal Braces

dental crownsIt is crucial to note that metal braces, also known as traditional braces, have two main components. They are metal brackets applied to the teeth, and the metal wire is threaded to the teeth. Most people and patients consider using them because they are easy to wear and remove.

The metal braces are attached to the front teeth with a metal wire stretched between them. It is one of the popularly used braces because it offers the most affordable braces. In other words, you can get these braces at the lowest cost out there.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to ceramic and traditional braces. They make use of the wire and bracket system. However, it is another common type of braces that most orthodontists use today. It is essential to understand that it uses brackets with doors and clips that hold to the wire. By understanding how these braces work, it will be easy to choose a favorite or preferable brace.

Lingual Braces

Another unique type of braces you will find in various hospitals is lingual braces. Just the same as metal braces, they offer other health and dental benefits, except they are on the inside of the bite. However, once you wear them, they cannot be seen from the outside of the mouth.


Ceramic Braces

It is essential to understand that ceramic braces were once a popular alternative to metal braces. Most people used to use them because they were made of ceramic material with the same color as the teeth’ texture. However, they are also used up to date, but they tend to be more expensive than other traditional braces.