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The Benefits Of Using A Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Are you struggling with a condition called plantar fasciitis? This condition will mostly affect the sole of your feet mostly near the heel. The condition is often severe in the morning. The reason behind this is at night the muscles and ligaments will tighten thus when you step down the pressure from your body weight cause the muscles to ache. However, night splints have come to treat this condition. The plantar fasciitis slippers are one of the most efficient ways to deal with a leg injury.

Benefits of plantar fasciitis

Ease of use

wearing sneakersThis splint will require minimal effort from you while wearing them. You simply need to wear them on your feet at night something you can do by yourself. Wearing these splints prevent the fascia tissue from tightening thus when you wake up the pain is no more

Can treat different condition

Though many people think that these splints treat the plantar fasciitis tissue only, the opposite is true. In fact, these splints treat a myriad of diseases such as damage to the tendons or any other damage to your calf muscles. However, before using them on any other ailment, you should first seek advice from your physician.

Less downtime

The time required feeling the positive side effects is less ranging from a few nights. However, depending on the severity of your injury the downtime will vary but will not be longer than a few weeks. You can go about your regular duties at night while wearing the splint


This sock will come in different sizes to suit your foot needs. You can also adjust it so as to meet your needs and also to offer you the comfort that you need.


The other major benefit of this splint is that they will always provide a constant strain on the muscles. This constant strain ensures that the foot gets enough strain, which prevents the foot muscles from tightening which causes pain. They will also reduce the amount of stress on both the intrinsic muscles and the fascia muscles.


dirty shoesHowever, it is important to note that at some point the bulkiness of this sock will make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you will be tempted to remove them in the night so as to catch some sleep. While your sleep patterns may be affected, the results of using you will get in the morning such as reduced pain will motivate you to continue using it every night