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How Dental Guards can Reduce Bruxism Symptoms

Bruxism is commonly known as teeth grinding. If you experience teeth clenching and grinding, then you need not be afraid. An estimated 8% of the population are victims of sleep bruxism. Another 20% suffer from awake bruxism. This condition may not be easy to treat as it is caused by stress. Its symptoms are tooth damage, insomnia, and facial pain. You may find yourself looking for ways of treating these symptoms instead of a full cure.

One of the ways suggested by most dentists for reducing the symptoms of teeth grinding is the use of dental guards. Dental guards reduce these symptoms in the following ways.

Enamel Protection

fingers holding dental guardThe main benefit of the dental guards is the protection that it gives your tooth enamel. Depending on the severity of the bruxism, you may choose a soft rubber teeth guard which is preferable if you clench rather than grind. The other choice can be the hybrid laminate guards that have a soft interior and a hard exterior which is excellent for those who experience moderate grinding. There is also the hard acrylic guard which is the best for heavy grinding. All these guards provide a layer between the teeth which prevents grinding together as well as eroding the tooth enamel. You can change your teeth guard when it is ground down.

The tooth is made of a layer of hard protective enamel that covers a layer of dentin that protects the cluster of blood vessels and nerves. Both the dentine and enamel can get eroded to expose the vessels and pulps of nerves. This may cause intense pain which can be solved by wearing dental guards.

Cushioning Jaw Muscles

Waking up in the morning with pain around your jaw and cheeks is one of the signs of grinding or clenching teeth. The jaw muscles are strong and can exert a force of up to 1300N, so they will hurt if they grind for an entire night. Dual laminate or soft rubber dental guards offer a layer of cushioning between the lower and the upper teeth. This helps to protect your jaw muscles from the tension.

Reducing Grinding Frequency

Besides preventing bruxism symptoms, dental guards can also help by reducingteeth with dental guard the frequency of the teeth clenching and grinding. These guards lessen the intensity and frequency grinding sessions. Combined with their relaxation techniques, wearing these guards provides the best chance to reduce the symptoms and decrease intensity and frequency of grinding episodes. They can also help to improve the alignment of your teeth

Bruxism has no easy cure, but you can protect yourself from its symptoms. Wearing these dental guards provides a tough layer between the teeth that prevents the destruction of the tooth enamel and cushioning the jaws to ease the facial muscle pain. You can even reduce daytime grinding by wearing the thin flexible dental guards.

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Features Of A Good Toddler Pillow

When parents are transitioning their toddlers from the crib to the bed, the toddler pillow is used because the baby does not have the same proportion as an adult. Furthermore, the regular sized pillows are too big and too scratchy for the toddler’s sensitive skin. So it is of particular importance that every parent consider the following features of a good toddler pillow before purchasing toddler pillows.

Toddler Pillow Features

Whether or not the Pillow is Hypoallergenic

One of the features of a good toddler pillow is that the pillow is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic pillows are manufactured with materials that help reduce albaby playinglergic reactions. They are designed with a toddler’s sensitive skin in mind. Thus the materials used help to repel common pollen and dust in the home. Although many organic pillows on the market these days are naturally hypoallergenic, it is still important for the parent to be sure that they are purchasing a hypoallergenic pillow especially if their toddlers have very sensitive skin.

Shape and Size

A toddler pillow cannot be too big or too small. The range of 10-12 inches by 16-18 inches will make for a good toddler pillow. But then again if this range does not work for your baby, be ready to quickly make the change and get a custom fit one, because a good toddler pillow significantly reduces the chances of your baby developing poor posture.

The Balance

The Toddler pillow can neither be too firm or soft. When pillows are too soft, especially the ones do not regain their shape at all after you have pressed them. Then such pillows will not provide enough support for your baby’s head, and in some extreme cases, you run the risk of your child getting suffocated. On the other hand, if it is too firm, your baby is not going to feel comfortable and thus will not get the required amount of rest they need. So the toddler pillow must strike the perfect balance between being firm and soft for optimal support for your baby.

Thread Count

Thread cotoddler pillowunt is a term that refers to the square inch of fabric. A toddler pillow must have a high thread count because the higher the thread, the more comfortable and more durable that pillow is. However, pillows with less thread count tend to be scratchier and can lead to allergic reactions.

In Conclusion

Every parent should take into consideration these features when planning to buy a toddler pillow. The right toddler pillow reduces the risk of poor posture, allergies and helps your baby have a good night sleep.