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Three Health Issues That You Must Be Aware Of

We live in a highly industrialized society, and almost everything we put in our body is a result of technology and science. In other words, the word ‘natural’ is a misleading word. In fact, if you are into the ‘organic’ hype, you probably have been a victim of misleading information and lousy marketing.

According to Listverse, there are at least 10 veggies and fruits that are man-made, namely cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, orange, peanut, banana, almond, paprika, carrots, strawberry, and grapefruit. This issue is a minor one. Below, we will learn three other subjects that may affect your health directly.

Pesticide Misuse

a protest signPesticide use is necessary for farming because it can prevent the plants from getting invaded by harmful insects and diseases. Pesticide improves production and brings profits. However, if improperly used or overused, the chemicals in pesticide can contaminate the crops and become harmful for humans.

According to, there are at least two extensive studies that explored the adverse effects of pesticide exposure on children. They concluded that pesticide exposure can be associated with childhood cancers, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. Specifically speaking on ADHD, an intense pesticide exposure during childhood increases the chances to develop that medical condition by 50% to 90%.

On adults, pesticides are linked with Parkinson’s disease and increased cancer rates. A perfect case example of this topic was the Roundup case in Monsanto. Roundup was a herbicide manufacturer that kept distributing their products even if they had known that a chemical component they use was carcinogenic. According to Roundup managed to sell 85-90 million pounds of their products to unsuspecting customers for almost 7 years. If it happens that you have used Roundup, you should get your health checked immediately.


injecting a tomatoGMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) has been the hottest issue in the 21st century, especially when CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) technology has been available worldwide. If you feel bedazzled by those fancy words, the central concept is that they are technologies that allow scientists to tweak some undesirable traits from plants, cattle, and poultry. And GMO-phobia arises because GMO tech seems to bring unsettling feeling to some people with the idea of humans interfering with nature.

However, scientifically speaking, the word ‘natural’ is only a myth. Besides the example in the introductory passage, you need to know that humans have domesticated and experimented with animals since the ancient time through selective breeding. GMO is only the next step of that attempt.

The Truth of Keto Diet

Diet hypes always take different names, but their methods are similar and not as revolutionary as they market to the public. Recently, the keto diet has caught everyone’s attention. Originally, keto-diet was practiced by doctors in the 1920s to treat the seizures in patients with epilepsy. The primary idea of the keto diet is to substitute carbohydrates with fat. Practitioners are encouraged to eat low-carb menus that are high in fat.

According to Healthline, the keto diet seems to work only because the practitioners experience muscle and water loss. Ketosis forces your body to generate energy using your fat supply, which is an exhausting process for your metabolism. And in the long term, the keto diet can increase your risks of developing heart disease.