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4 Best Weed Gifts for Everyone

Gifting someone is always excellent, but it’s even better when gifting a stoner with a weed-themed gift. No matter how small the gift is, as they say, it’s the thought that counts. There are plenty of gift ideas to gift a stoner, depending on your budget. So, Where is the best place to buy weed gifts in Toronto? The following are some of the best weed gifts to give a stoner:

Portable Grinder

For a stoner who prefers rolling his/her weed, this would be a good gift. You can get a manual or electric grinder. An electric grinder is more effective, but it is a little expensive.

A manual grinder is fitted with 3-4 compartments. The first space is for grinding bud, the second for sifting pollen, and the third for storage. The fourth compartment can be used as an ashtray.

weed grinder

A Lighter

This might seem like a cheap gift, but it is an essential accessory to all weed smokers. A lighter is more efficient than using a match stick. A chef can’t prepare a meal without a knife, and neither can a weed smoker get backed without a lighter. A lighter is a small and cheap accessory.

Disposable lighters are more convenient for smokers, as they are usually cheap. There are also modern rechargeable USB lighters, which are slightly expensive than the old classic lighters. The type of lighters to choose from include; Tesla rechargeable USB lighters, zippo classic, inverted lighters, the clipper, and others.

Ganja Board Game

weed giftsEveryone, including children, enjoys board games. What would be more thoughtful than getting a stoner a ganja board game? The ganja board game can be found on Amazon or any other game store. A ganja board game will give you an adventure with weed-themed games.

2-4 players can play the games as you enjoy your 420 sessions. The common weed board games are; ganja land, the pot farm, lords of cannabis, the legendary game of zonk, and the grass. Remember, persons over the age of 18 should only play games.

Rollers Club Subscription

This can excite every weed stoner. The package may include a yearly supply of rolling papers, lighter, trays, weed, CBD, matches, and other accessories. The content of the box depends on your subscription, which can be either monthly or yearly. You can prefer to get a hippie personalized box with the favorite contents of the someone you are gifting the box.

Here are some of the best subscription boxes; puffy box, goody, AuBox, Hemper box, and Sensi box. If you are worried about the subscription fee, you can buy a box without the subscription. The rollers club one-time box will have wrappers, lighters, and pre-rolled weed. Their prices range from $16-$20. The price might be higher for a customized package.

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